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You may play versus one or more comptuer opponents, or choose all computer players to watch AI
strategies battle it out.

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To start playing right away, just enter your name. You'll be up against the toughest opponent!

You may also customize your opponent(s), or watch an AI vs. AI game too!

SharpScrabble was written by Matt Simmons, Tim Goric, and Will Sanville during a course in Artificial Intelligence at RPI in 2010. The original version was a C#/WPF application, and was ported to the web by Will Sanville in 2012.

The game logic is implemented entirely in F#, a functional programming language that runs on the .NET Framework. The web application itself is running ASP.NET MVC 3, and uses Web Sockets to send updates asynchronously.

For more information about the project, the source code, and for new or exsisting issues, see our Google Code page.